On the ‘What We Should Have Learned in School’ podcast w/ Amy Leo – part 1

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you today!

Meet Amy Leo: singer-songwriter, mental health educator and host of the What We Should Have Learned in School podcast!(My heart swooned when I heard the title of her podcast for the first time!!) You might have caught her on season 8 of the The Voice of Finland.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy to talk about learning Finnish, languages and learning in general – a common interest we share, seeing as we’re both married to Finns. We had so much fun that we ended up doing a 2 part episode (under 20 mins each!).


So here are some things we covered in part 1’s episode:

  • Why the ‘impossibility’ of learning Finnish we’re seeing today is actually a misunderstanding about how language is learned
  • What it means to transform the process of learning from a really difficult and unpleasant experience to something that’s fun and ease-y and we want to keep showing up for!
  • What is it about learning (language) that we often get wrong?
  • What kinds of blocks we pick up while learning, which keep us stuck, yet we have the ability to remove
  • How we can move from a place of insecurity about our skills or level to a deeper understand of what we (our brains) are capable of

And this is only part 1 – in under 20 mins! Bonkers.


You can find the episode in classic podcast format by click hereor there’s also the option to watch a video of our convo, below (BTW I had no idea we were filming this, I thought it was just audio haha so you can catch some funny faces along the way!):

Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts after you’ve had the chance to watch!

xx Irina

You can out more about Amy, her podcast and her work here.


Click here for PART 2 of this episode

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