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Hi, I’m Irina! I’m a multibelonger to Finland, Canada and Romania, WITHOUT ONE language or culture to call my own – I have several.

Although I grew up trilingual and learned languages easily as a kid, moving to Finland at the age of 21 forced me to question everything I thought I knew about how languages are learned –about how we learn as humans and what’s possible for each of us.

Today, I guide people who live abroad in…

  • learning the local language (I’m mostly focused on Finnish at the moment)
  • finding greater inner peace and harmony within the cultural transition.

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xx Irina

“Can I really learn Finnish?”

Learn the conscious and subsconsious influences to how you answer this question – and how it can change.

Watch now –> Can you learn the Hardest Language in The World?

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Did you know: You were born with everything you need to learn Finnish.

Find out how the perspective of a cultural and linguistic chameleon (that’s me!) can help.

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