My name is Irina Pravet and I’m a multibelonger to Finland, Canada and Romania without one country or language to call my own; I have several.

On a language level, I believe each of us is born with an innate ability to adapt to language — to our linguistic environment. It’s our birthright. So I help people connect with learning the language in a joyful, intuitive way, that many of us never experience in the traditional classroom.

On a cultural transitions level, I believe we can make our home and thrive anywhere in the world. As humans, we adapt. It’s what we do and we’ve been doing this a loooong time. Though it’s easier than ever before to move to the other side of the globe, this fast-paced world does little to prepare us for the internal transitions that follow.

I’m currently on leave during 2023 so you’ll find my website & offering in hibernation mode.

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