What winter reminds us…

If in every breath you strip naked just like a winter,
the joy of spring will grow from within
– Rumi


Happy winter solstice! 🎇 (=talvipäivänseisaus)

Much of what I do is these days is inspired by the cycles of nature, so I thought I’d share with you what this time of year means to me… and what cold, crisp air, lmited energy and huddled warmth has to teach us.

Honestly, it took me a couple of years of living in the north to really appreciate the rhythm of the seasons. Our society supports summer: the time to take action. But every ebb has its flow and now winter is upon us. In order to honour the seasons, we also need to honour the impulse to s.l.o.w..d.o.w.n.

While my inbox overflows with ‘last-minute’ everything, I am turning inward. Doing less. Noticing more. Reflecting and winding down towards the end of 2020 – conserving my energy so I can show up rested for 2021, and whatever awaits us on the other side of a historic, unpresedented year. In recent years, I’ve noticed that giving myself the gift of slowing down pays dividends throughout the upcoming year.

It’s also a time of letting go

This is the best time of year to spiral within to the deepest, darkest parts and surrender something we do not want to carry forth into the new year and next cycle. What is waiting in the silence to be acknowledged, thanked and released? Only you know. This is not another ‘to-do’, it’s a nudge from our planet, the infinitely wise Mother Earth. We simply show up and notice, and the process unfolds on its own.

Let this be a reminder that you don’t need to do anything or be anyone to be ok and at peace. You simply are your wonderful self, and that is enough. You are already whole.

May this winter bring you rest, relaxation and the joy of simple pleasures, so you can awaken strong next spring. You deserve this and so much more!

xx Irina

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