Why bother seeing Finnish Through New Eyes?

Sometimes when I talk about how learning Finnish can be joyful, awe-inspiring, fun, etc. people look at me as if I’m an alien with 3 heads.  😲 👾 👽 👾 👽 👾

Still, I stand by it because I’ve experienced it myself. Observing how my brain has adapted to Finnish, when given the right conditions, has been one of my most awe-inspiring life experiences yet.
So if you’re reading this and thinking: “Yeah okay but what if this reality feels far off for me?” Here’s what I want you to know…

I believe there’s lack of language learning literacy that’s affecting those learning Finnish in this day and age. What do I mean by language learning literacy? 

Well just the fact that there’s a gap between what’s asked of you in a Finnish course and how to actually get to speaking Finnish is the cause of confusion, wasted energy, frustration, etc.  Knowing how
 a language is learned – the process of linguistic acquisition/what I call linguistic adaptation, is language learning literacy. And we need more of it.

But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way… because once you see Finnish Through New Eyes, the path forward appears as well. This program empowers you with the perspective you need to understand the process.

It starts with an essential knowing of your inborn ability to adapt to language, Finnish, any language… and that’s just the beginning. To explain what I mean, I made you a short video (click below)

In this video, I share:
–        Why we should bother with seeing Finnish Through New Eyes
–        The tension you want to avoid between student and teacher in many Finnish courses
–        What questions we can ask of what’s provided in class (not homework)

Click here to watch the video! (7 mins)

Registration for Finnish Through New Eyes Fall 2019 is now open! If you’re ready for a paradigm-shifting 9 weeks to propel your Finnish forward – no joke, click here for details and to sign up.
Did I leave anything unanswered? Please feel free to leave me questions in the comments or reach out to me privately by clicking here. I’m here to help you make the best decision possible for you!

P.S. October 6th, 2019 is the last day to sign up for those who want to pay in 2 installments. Registration for those paying in one go closes next Friday, October 11th. 

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