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Finnish Through New Eyes

What if I told you that learning Finnish could be an unfolding adventure: driven by curiosity and inspiring awe, confidence and joy?

Sadly, many experience learning Finnish as the exact opposite – an ongoing struggle. The struggle is real, whether you’re,
• a diligent, hard-working learner
• speak multiple languages
• have been learning for years (on and off)
• have a Finnish partner and/or kids
• have Finnish parents or ancestry
• are perceptive, intelligent and capable

If you’re like many, you’ve probably said at least one of these:
• “I think I can do this, but I don’t see it getting any easier.”
• “I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge, even after taking many courses.”
• “Life keeps getting in the way of my best intentions to learn Finnish. Work gets busy, my kids get sick, etc. I miss a class, and fall off the wagon again.”
• “My progress is slow. Learning is boring, uninspiring. It’s just not something I do for fun.”
• “I not sure I’m ____ [smart, disciplined, motivated, outgoing, young etc.] enough to do this.”

We hear so much about ‘how hard Finnish is,’ that we barely stop to question whether this is really objectively true.
What if it’s not about Finnish, but about the way we’re learning it?

Finnish struggle as symptom

– not cause

As a language coach and learner, I’ve seen that struggle is a symptom of learning in a way that isn’t natural to us. What if there’s a way to learn Finnish that worked with our nature, instead of against it?

Struggle as a symptom of what’s missing – not a cause – can point us towards the underlying problem…

If you knew what to do, were free to choose how to do it and it was fun and exciting … would you be more likely to do it? How would your whole experience shift? And what would it take to get there?

On a scale from 1-10:
• How much certainty do you have about your next immediate step learning Finnish?
• How enjoyable is the experience for you, personally?
• How much freedom do you have over your next step and methods?
Assess your current situation.

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Things feel so much easier [after FTNE]. When I used to stop completely, my problem was always starting again – like starting from a blank page. But now that I’ve set up a system, it’s in place, I don’t even feel like I need to do so much. When I’m ready to turn to Finnish, I’m building on something that’s already there. I feel enthusiastic for the first time in years. I’ve gotten a lot out of this course from that perspective.

– Lewis

This is the first language course you need! Before, I committed to 3 language classes/week, and my progress was quite slow. What I would learn in class didn’t help so much in my life. After a few powerful “A-HA” moments, I have more bravery to speak and engage in Finnish! I realized I can lean into my natural ability and do things that support my way of learning – what feels good and what WORKS!

– Amy

See Finnish Through New Eyes…

You are wired for language because adaptation is your birthright!

Adapting to the Finnish language is a gift you were born with.

Once you realize and start living with the deep understanding that speaking Finnish, better and better, is your birthright, you’ll start to see improvements in areas where you’ve been stuck, new opportunities to expand your skills and grow personally and just start having way more fun!

But there’s a catch.

In Finnish Through New Eyes, I won’t teach you a single word of Finnish.

I won’t teach you a word of Finnish BUT this program will support you in learning all the words and grammar you want – and making it ‘click’.

Here’s how…

Instead of teaching you Finnish words and grammar (many courses, books, apps, resources already do this), we’ll focus on the 3 essential areas that determine whether your process is a joy or a struggle.

Over the years, I’ve observed that struggles tend to stem from a missing awareness of one of these three areas. These are the keys to seeing Finnish Through New Eyes, and when we have access to this awareness, everything changes. These are:

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Key Question 1

How do brains learn? (universal)

Key Question 2

How do brains learn language? (universal)


Key Question 3

How does your brain learn in Finland in the unique context of your life? (personal)


If you knew what to do, were free to choose how to do it and it was fun and exciting… how would your whole experience shift? 

This is the beginning of an unfolding adventure: driven by curiosity and inspiring awe, confidence and joy.

I learned Finnish basics and struggled with grammar. I completely forgot about my learning process, but this course helped me to get it back. I’ve started looking at problems in my own way, applying all the possible process. The most valuable part of the experience? It’s improved my self-confidence and capacity. I noticed really feeling good and got new ideas to move forward my language learning.

– R.

The most valuable part of the experience for me was the mental framework you provided to feel more confident in the long run. I’d absolutely recommend your service because it’s another way to perfect one’s Finnish skills, complementary to a regular language course. It’s not about learning grammar and vocabulary but it’s about improving the learning process.

– Juliette

Program Format, Schedule & Price


The Finnish Through New Eyes program includes:

• 1 in-person kick-off session
• 6 video modules, including weekly projects
• 3 project weeks
• 9 virtual Q&A calls with Irina
• access to materials after program ends, including updates
• invite to small but growing FTNE alumni community


The next iteration of Finnish Through New Eyes starts Wednesday, March 11th, 2020! The deadline to apply is Friday, Feb 28th, 2020

The entire program happens online, apart from the program kick-off where we meet in-person in Helsinki. Virtual modules released on Wednesday. Q&A calls (live or recorded) on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on which group you’re in.

Click here to download the full schedule.

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Overview & Price

Finnish Through New Eyes includes:

• In-person meetup with your course-mates to kick-off the program
• 6 weeks of video content
• 3 project weeks – where no new content is released but we have Q&A calls – to integrate what you learn into your daily life and deepen your understanding
• 9 virtual Q&A calls to support you in developing skills & processes, and troubleshoot in applying program content to your daily life (attend live or listen to the recording)
• On-going access to program materials, plus free updates or additions to the content!
• Invitation to join FTNE alumni community
• Bonuses released after program ends

All for a single payment of 967€ (inc. 24% VAT)

All for a single payment of 967€

inc. 24% VAT

Ready to see through new eyes?

For any questions about the program: Please contact me!

Applications close Friday, February 28th, 2020

Refund Policy

I stand by the program and its ability to completely transform the way you experience learning Finnish. If you commit to and participate in the program fully (watch the videos, do the projects and attend the Q&A calls) and do not see improvements in your experience of learning Finnish, you may request a refund. I will review each request individually before making a decision.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me before applying.

I was struggling with the previous experience of Finnish courses all of which were poor or very poor learning environments. I had lost motivation completely to use the little Finnish I knew. Since FTNE, I’ve noticed: Finnish vocabulary resurfacing! I’ve been chilling out and going with the flow, not being overly critical with myself!

– Michail

I had an exceptional resistance towards Finnish. For me, it was the most surprising how deep the program digs into all different types of resistance. I enjoyed the stories shared and got the feeling that you are not alone in this situation. Since finishing the program, I’ve been practising Finnish for an hour almost every day and I am taking a new Finnish course in autumn.

I was struggling with convincing myself to restart learning and about the outcome of the learning after a few months. I noticed how much one can learn by embracing the environment and by having a positive attitude towards learning. Enjoy the process and take this course before any other!

– Themis

[Irina] gets it. [She’s] been in our position and know what it feels like to make progress or not make progress. My own enthusiasm returned for learning the language and made it fun for me again!

– D.

Meet your guide

Hey there, my name is Irina Pravet and I’m your guide as you see Finnish through new eyes!

I moved to Finland from Canada in 2010 and can honestly say that learning Finnish has been a life-changing experience. Not just in the end result of speaking Finnish (it’s an ongoing journey) but rather what the process taught me about myself, life, and what’s possible.

Among other things, I realized that linguistic adaptation is my birthright and that we are all wired for language! Lucky for us, life wanted us to enjoy this process and make it as fun as possible, so the more fun we have learning Finnish, the better we’re able to learn and adapt to it.

Sadly, this is not the reality many people are living, nor is it part of the cultural narrative of what’s possible – but this doesn’t need to be the case. I’ve set out to help you connect with your inherent ability to learn language. Once you begin to see Finnish through new eyes, you’ll start to see all aspects of your world expand.

If you’d like to bring more joy, confidence and freedom to what you’re putting into learning Finnish, I hope to see you in the program!



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to apply?

The application questions help me make sure Finnish Through new Eyes is the best fit for you at this time. If I don’t believe the program is well-suited for you, I’ll let you know and can also offer suggestions about alternative next steps, if you wish.

How much time do I need to set aside each week?

The most important thing you can do it commit to show up and do the program live for the 10 week duration! (I cannot emphasize this enough.)

I recommend putting aside at least 3-5h/week to go through the materials when a new module is released. You’ll also have 3 project weeks where no new videos will be released to help you integrate and review what you’re learning, so a certain pace is designed into the program as well.

Will you be teaching Finnish in this program?


I will not teach you a single word of Finnish during this course! But expect to learn in other ways…

This is a non-traditional approach to learning Finnish. While you can find Finnish courses offered everywhere, what these courses lack are 3 elements which make up why most people struggle to put what they study to use, namely: 1) how brains learn, 2) how brains learn language and 3) how your brain learns in Finland in the context of your unique life. 

I’ll be guiding you through the process of learning Finnish, and helping you identify your unique path through it.

Since this is a program for all levels, we won’t be covering specific grammar or vocabulary but we will talk about the process of learning vocab and grammar at various levels.

How can this program be for all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced?

This program has been designed for all levels because we are not covering the Finnish language – this means I won’t be teaching you Finnish. Rather, we’ll look at the perspective, process & skills which will help you adapt to (aka. learn) the Finnish language.

Once you become aware of this way of thinking, regardless whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’ll uncover opportunities to grow and expand what you currently know. You have ongoing access to the program content so you can come back and review the material for more insights once you grow to a new level too. Pretty cool, right?

Can a language learning program really focus on feeling good?

Absolutely! This is what nature intended.

The biggest single determinant of success in learning a language is consistency. The more consistent you can be in what you do, the more likely you are to keep on learning.

So how do we keep showing up? By having fun and making joy and curiosity our priorities. In this program, we’ll be exploring a perspective that sees learning Finnish as an ongoing, ever-evolving process, so you might as well enjoy every step of the way.

Where do we meet for class? Do I need to live in Helsinki?

We don’t meet for class so you can be anywhere. (We will meet to kick-off the program and get to know each other once in Helsinki, please check schedule for details. I won’t be teaching at the kick-off, it’s an informal way to meet your course-mates.)

New content will be uploaded to the program site every week (check schedule for specific dates) and you can go through this content at your own pace. Then we have weekly Q&A calls where you’re able to ask any clarifying questions about the material and applying it to your own life. These calls take place in a group and happen virtually. You’ll get an email with all the details about how to login to our live, group, virtual calls when they take place. Come to the call live or ask questions via email in advance.

Many people find it really helpful to attend even when they don’t have specific questions, but get inspired by stories and questions from others!

Can I ask my employer to cover the costs of the program?


Many HR reps are looking for ways to support employees in ways that are valuable to them. Check to see if your company has something in place, like a learning stipend, or would be willing to put something together.

You can also let others in your company know about the program in case they’d want to join and you could take the program together! Let me know if you’d like me to meet with your HR reps about bringing Finnish Thought New Eyes to your company. You can contact me here.

Will I still have access to the program materials after the course is over?

Yes. You’ll either be able to login to the course site or download the materials. The content may be updated in the future, in which case, you’ll have access to the updated content. PLUS, you’ll get access to bonus modules as they’re released after course end.

Can I use this program to study for the YKI language test?


This depends on you and what knowledge you’d like to gain before doing the YKI test, but we do not specifically cover anything related to the YKI test.

All I can say is that I’ve been learning Finnish in the way I outline in this program and took the YKI test without studying. I got the highest grades and the experience was easy, because instead of studying for the exam, I spoke Finnish. I don’t believe in language exams, but I do believe in living the language. So basically, does living the language instead of studying it appeal to you? Don’t think about it too much, just see if this program feels like a fun experience that would help you, or not. The choice is yours 🙂

Do you offer refunds?

Refund Policy

I stand by the program and its ability to completely transform the way you experience learning Finnish. If you commit to and participate in the program fully (watch the videos, do the projects and attend the Q&A calls) and do not see improvements in your experience of learning Finnish, you may request a refund. I will review each request individually before making a decision.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me before applying.

What if I still have questions?

Contact me by clicking here. I’d love to support you in making the best possible decision for you! This program isn’t for everyone at every point in time so exploring  whether this would be a good fit for you now is really important and this is why I’m here.

Ready to see Finnish Through New Eyes?

For any questions about the program: Please contact me!

Applications close Friday, February 28th, 2020

My favourite part of the course was getting to know new ways to learn and feeling less guilty about not actively learning. Since working together, I started to learn more actively without having to push myself and I feel like I’m starting to find ways to learn that fit me and that I am actually excited about.

– Bertille

I was overwhelmed by previous Finnish language experiences and needed a change in mindset (ie: a more positive outlook in learning Finnish). The most valuable part of the experience for me is that now, I feel truly positive and motivated; at peace with my efforts.

– Sarah

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