Finnish Explained: new video about love, orders and freedom ‘Rakastu vapauteen’

What do giving orders, falling in love and freedom all have in common? You can find all three in the two-word ad I deconstruct in today’s video!

Join me for this 3 min quickie:

If you missed last week’s video where we see vapaus¬†in another context, you can check it out here.

xx Irina

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About Finnish Explained

I love breaking down and demystifying Finnish so I’ve used that as inspiration for this first season. In each video, I’ll take a short sign written in Finnish and explain, not only what it means, but also the grammar behind it. Sometimes there are nuances, subtleties and other fun stuff. Overall, Finnish has always been a wonder… and learning the language has left me with a lasting impression of awe about how we express ourselves, communicate and what language shows us about our perception of the world.

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