Self-Compassion: the key ingredient to…everything?

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Today I have a short video/rant for you about self-compassion. I believe self-compassion is often the missing ingredient in getting… just about anything we want. When we go after something, we tend to ignore our side of things: our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, experiences, expectations, considerations, the bigger picture, etc.  – it’s insanely ironic. We’ve been so well trained to consider everyone and everything else, but who’s standing up for you? Who’s in your corner, empathizing with the entire picture of being you? No one. Not-a-single-person can really witness what it is to be you, in all your entire-ness.

This is why we need to show up for ourselves. I don’t believe we are irrational and need to force ourselves to do things. I think it’s much more complex and also much more simpler than that.

Funny enough, once we do, everything gets easier. Instead of self-compassing being some fluffy thing that’s considered a soft skill, it’s actually the exact thing that makes all the difference…

So those are my thoughts on self-compassion! I’m curious to know: what are yours?

I’ll be speaking about the power of self-compassion and intuition while learning Finnish in Finland on June 12th, 2018 at 5pm in Helsinki. You can get event details by clicking here.

Until next time,

xx Irina

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