What you’re truly capable of…

The following is an email which was sent out to my Inner Circle on a Sunday morning.

Good morning, my friend!

hidden language abilityHappy Sunday to you. I’m still rubbing the unihiekka (litt. ‘dream sand’ in Finnish) out of my eyes as I type this…

I spent a lovely evening with friends last night and we got to talking about this amazing Finnish beatboxer named Felix Zenger. Juha and I saw him perform a few years back and to our amazement, it sounded like he had a 10 synthesizers in his mouth, when all he held was a microphone – nothing else.

“How does someone do that?”

We just kept repeating the question as we’d remember yet another detail of the performance and our minds boggled with the seemingly impossibility of the task…

I realized in the context of language learning, ‘how do you do that?’ is a question I get asked quite often…

Then my brain jumped to the slides I’d been working on for an upcoming talk I’m giving next Tuesday, May 22nd, called 3 Truths that’ll transform how you learn Finnish (and your beliefs about what’s possible) – in Helsinki.

“You know what it is?” I blurted out smiling. “Our brains are capable of doing some incredible things, and truly we have no idea what we’re actually capable of.”

Feel the magnitude of this statement:
I have no idea what I’m truly capable of.
Neither do any of us. We see glimpses of it, and they only scratch the surface.

Which is why I’m so excited to speak on Tuesday! You’re welcome to join as I walk you through:

  1. Why you’ve felt negative emotions (whether discouraged, demotivated, dis-empowered, insecure, ashamed, guilty, anxious… the list goes on and on) when trying to improve your Finnish
  2. 3 truths about language learning that most people never talk about (and why they’re essential to understand when learning Finnish specifically)
  3. And how these 3 truths impact you – at all levels of Finnish ability

Will I see you there on Tuesday, in Helsinki?

Wishing you the coziest of Sundays,
xx Irina

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