7 Simple Finnish Sounds That Come in Handy

Who said that learning languages is all about learning words, grammar and sentences?! Languages are musical! There are tons of sounds that native speakers usually use that are different from those known to us. Sounds, unlike words, don’t carry the baggage of identity. We can play around with sounds like costumes: try them on, have a laugh and see whether we keep on using them or not.

Today I’m excited to present you with a collection of 7 Finnish sounds! These sounds are carefully curated from real life and can be used at your leisure. Just insert them into different situations and watch what happens! 😉

Another fun part of sounds is that they come naturally. Even if it feels a bit funny to learn them and use them, once you start using them, you’re actually signalling to people that you speak their language. For me, it was quite an effort sometimes to convince people I actually spoke Finnish. I believe that sounds used in their correct context – something I learned through observation + trial and error – is an easy and fun way to signal “Hey! I speak your language :)!” It may not even register on a conscious level but it has helped me blend it when I wanted to.

What’s your favourite of the 7 sounds? Have a funny story hearing these sounds? Leave a comment and tell us below!

7 SIMPLE finnish sounds screenshot

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