When to commit vs. when to go at it alone.

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I went to my first 8am class at the gym yesterday morning. Our awesome instructor (who I am totally dazzled by) was pretty tough on us that morning. Tough but fair – if we she knew we could do better she said so.

I wanted to accomplish what she seemed so sure I could accomplish. Halfway through the class, she somewhat joking asked me if we were still on speaking terms. This made me laugh. Ultimately, I understood that she was doing me a favour.

I came to class to sweat and feel good, not to stay comfortable; I could’ve stayed in bed for that. But without her pushing me and the rest of the group through this tough training early in the morning, none of us would’ve pushed our limits nor realized what we were capable of.

Just by being there, I realized how much more I could be doing…and that morning, I did it!

The thing is, we have limits far beyond what we usually operate within. We’re creatures of comfort.

And I’m not just talking about fitness anymore…

Whatever our goals, we usually try to go at them on our own.
But do we get around to it?
Do we push ourselves and create the space for this transformation to take place?
Do we keep showing up and constantly upping our game?
I don’t know about you but when it comes to doing everything on my own, I generally don’t. I find myself listing all the usual excuses too: time, scheduling, money, etc.

I now realize, there is an irreplaceable energy that comes from committing to something and setting about accomplishing it, especially as a group.

Those first steps, we stumble. But if we stay true to our commitment and we keep showing up, it gets easier. Then we start to wonder why we waited so long.

Again, I’m not just talking about sports anymore.

So what about your Finnish? How’s that going for you? Because if you can relate to my story above, you’re going to want to know about something big happening over the next few weeks:

In the beginning of February, I’ll be launching the first ever Finnish language coaching program!

I am creating the space for 6 wonderful individuals such as yourself to make the kinds of progress you’ve been dreaming about since you set eyes on Finland, with support and guidance every step of the way.

If you’ve had Finnish on the brain lately and are toying with the idea of learning it once and for all, you’re going to want to check this out: http://languagecatalyst.com/finnish-coaching-group-program/

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With gratitude,
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