Looking back on another year in Finland

It’s a sentimental Sunday. Meaning that I spent the day doing whatever I desired on the moment, including heading out for an autumn walk just to watch the seasons change with child-like wonder, reflect on the big shift that awaits us on the other side of October and thinking back on how another year has gone by.Autumn walk collage

Has this passing year shaped me? Am I different?

Have I moved forward in my intentions:

Do I speak more Finnish? Am I more at home than I was a year ago?

I don’t know; mostly I just think so though… but how can I keep track? I often feel that my life is just a big blur of fleeting thoughts, emotions and moments. When summed up, many of them are forgotten because of their shear quantity! So about 2 weeks ago, I decided to start keeping a daily journal. It’s mostly a collection of to-do lists but I also jot down whatever is on my mind, or inspiring things I hear and I’d like to capture.

A year from now, I’ll check in on my snapshots of a year from now; on the little wonders of today. Because today felt like magic! [Yes, really :)]

As I say goodbye to the warmth of 2014, I fill up with a mixed sense of celebration, mourning, anticipation and fear. Yet I, we all, have no choice but forward. Tomorrow awaits, and we too, in turn await it and the change it brings.


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