7 quick & easy ways to improve your Finnish in the next 7 days

If only I could speak Finnish (or any other language!), then I could… [fill in the blank]

Well guess what? Speaking can start today, and continue for the next 7 days. And at the end of those 7 days, you’ll be better off than you were 7 days ago.

Random tangent: Is your favourite number 7? Mine isn’t but I vividly remember it being everyone else’s in elementary school. Odd.

Here are 7 quick & easy ways to improve your Finnish in the next 7 days:

7 ways to improve your finnish

1. Every time you head grocery shopping, interact with the cashier in Finnish: “moi – kiitos – hei” or if they ask you about the points card and you don’t have it: “moi – ei ole – kiitos – hei” or if you do have the card: “moi – on! – kiitos – hei” Vow to do this every time you go to a store, at an audible volume, for the next 7 days.

2. Text your friends in Finnish. Don’t know a word? That’s okay. Look it up. And if you’re really struggling, use Finnglish. You’ll get the hang of it.

3. Drop random Finnish words into English sentences when speaking with Finns. “We’re headed to mökki this weekend. I can’t wait to get some good löyly.”

4. Label your apartment with post-its and read them aloud when you see them.

5. Practice saying your phone and social security number and in Finnish. Say them in Finnish when people ask.

6. Share what you’ve been learning with your friends.

7. Start asking ‘Miten sanotaan ________ suomeksi?’ (equiv. How do I say _______ in Finnish?)

What are your favourite tricks for getting the ball rolling with your Finnish? Let me know in the comments below!


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