Pure Love and Passion for Languages with Lindsay Williams

Hi friend,

I’m excited to share this relaxed, feel-good interview Lindsay Williams and I did back before everything got cancelled earlier this year. šŸ’Œ

I’ve come to find that the best way to keep the process of learning rolling is to touch base with other learners, who share a passion for the process. So I reached out to Lindsay in the hopes that an interview could capture the positive energy, insatiable curiosity and growth mindset I’ve come to know her for…And did it ever!

Lindsay’s openness to so many languages makes her a great person to speak up on behalf of the value that languages have to offer at any stage of the journey. Not to mention how approachable and fun she is to chat with! I know you can spend 42 mins doing or listening to just about anything nowadays. If you’ve hit a speedbump with learning or want to keep the positive momentum going, this is a candid conversation I know you’ll enjoy.

Grab your headphones, head for a walk and join Lindsay and me!

xx Irina


Show Notes/Links


Questions I got to ask Lindsay

  • I really admire your curiosity about SO MANY LANGUAGES, would you share with us the value you see in staying curious even if you’re not actively learning the language?


  • What different roles do different languages play in your life? (e.g. French, Dutch, Korean… )


  • How would you say that language learning has imformed/shifted your view of the world? Is there something you wish everyone would realize about language learning/diversity?


  • Your work is aimed at inspiring independent language learners, how would you define this group?
  • What advice/words of wisdom do you have for those wishing they were fluent by now/spoke better than they do?


  • Can you share with us a story about a specific aspect of a specific language that
    • 1) stumped you in the beginning but then
    • 2) gave you an opportunity to deepen what you knew?


  • Through curiosity, we acquire wisdom. What wisdom are you excited to share with us right now?


  • What directions are you keen to explore/grow into at the moment?
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