Introducing: Simple Finnish Sentences

Introducing: Simple Finnish Sentences, a short beginners’ course!

It’s a pretty simple idea: an invitation to learn how to put together simple sentences in Finnish. We’ll explore from the beginning, but with a twist! Working slowly with basic grammar, but going deep with how to actually use what we learn. In a conscise, 3 week format online.

So think: exploration + basic grammar + practical use + curiosity + fun + creativity!

In a Finnish course for beginners format (or for those wanting to deepen their handle on the basics).


The course debuts June 30th to July 16th
Tuesday & Thursdays @ 17:15-18:45 , 3 weeks total, 2x/week

For questions: please don’t hesitate to reach out (contact info in link above) I’m happy to advise on whether this course is a good fit for you!

Register by Wed June 24th (late registration possible is space allows)


>>>Click here for details & schedule!<<<    

The experience is entirely virtual so you can take part from anywhere in the world, including mökki. 😉

Take care and stay curious,

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