Do you know you have it in you?

The following is an email which was sent out to my Inner Circle on a Sunday morning.

This weekend, I wish you the most potent feeling of coziness and comfort!

still got questions - 300x300 canvaI don’t know about you, but it feels like a tumultuous week is behind me. My brain is still untangling from the stresses of ‘listing, doing, finishing, finalizing, striving’ that the GDPR deadline imposed.

But you know what? I honestly think the work I’ve done on it is for the better! Even if parts of this seem like the exact opposite right now (like having to delete a significant chunk of my subscribers…eek!), I trust that we sometimes need to make room to allow something new to grow.

That being said, now it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, and be. (I almost wrote to ‘just be’ but I don’t want to underestimate the power or practice of being.)

Will you take a breath with me? Inhale, exhale. That’s better…

As I reflected on what I wanted to convey to you today (other than the comfort of the weekend!) my mind turned to the presentation I gave last Tuesday, called 3 Truths that’ll transform how you learn Finnish (and your beliefs about what’s possible). Despite the title, the topic applies to all languages and levels.

If I can give you just the core message of this talk, it’s this:

  • we have set limits on what we think is possible for us, without realizing
    within every one of us is a great power
  • that power gives us access to possibilities beyond what we’ve imagined
  • In this light, the more information we seek out from experts – on the latest apps and innovative language learning methods, just to name a few – the less time we spend acknowledging our inborn abilities.

Even as a seasoned language learner, I was totally shocked when I clued into the fuller extent of these abilities just last year! (And I believe there’s a lot more to explore.)

So in this light…what if this weekend we spent time looking within, instead of around?

I often ask, “What’s your biggest struggle in learning a language at the moment?” but this weekend, I want you to reflect on your biggest triumph!

What is the biggest triumph you’ve experienced in your language learning journey? However big or small, you’ll recognize the triumph by it’s ability to make you feel proud of the growth it took you to get there!

Oftentimes, when we speak our triumphs out loud, we feel they are not ‘grand’ enough – or seem tiny in comparison to other people’s. But lucky for us, our highest wisdom knows that life is not a contest – nor do we need to have our triumphs externally validated for them to be monumental.

It’s time to acknowledge those triumphs for the impact/milestones/shifts/turning points they have played in our unique language journeys!

Find the triumph(s) that mark important shifts for you, give thanks for the wisdom they gifted you, celebrate them this weekend… do this while you practice seeing yourself, the mystery within you and the possibilities available to you, through new eyes.

All love,
xx Irina

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