Language coaching: helping you do more with less

While reflecting on the concept of doing less with more in life and language coaching, I got a nudge from nature and the seasons, which inspired to write this post!

I’ve been guilty of posting lots of autumn pictures on social media lately: beautiful trees, falling leaves, yellow, orange, red colours…a plethora of autumn-y goodness!

Although careful to avoid the less aesthetic parts of autumn, the dead leaves that turn a brownish-grey and that no longer look beautiful, as the landscape becomes progressively more and more decayed, the death and less ‘commercial’ aspect of autumn is harder to avoid. Death and destruction, even with their tabooed reputation in western culture, are part of births and beginnings. Yet death and destruction have a purpose to serve: they make way for births and new beginnings.

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Sometimes we don’t welcome these changes, other times they work to our advantage. When we look for more of everything, sometimes what we actually need is less, less, less.

Let me give you an example from language coaching: many (if not all) of my clients tell me they need more discipline to improve their Finnish, and more time spent studying. During our work together, as they start to see things differently, they come to realize what they could use less of: ie. less fear, less grammar, less beating themselves up for not feeling motivated.

As a language coach, I help people let go of the approaches to learning Finnish (and English) – destroy this perception, if you will – and instead create new routines and beliefs that support their progress. If learning feels like a constant uphill battle with too few results, stop pushing. You’re not being lazy; you’re wasting your energy.

Nature’s ebbs and flows show us in order to create change, we need to trade-off: destroy something first. Because when you do, you can enjoy more, more, more! More progress, more ease and more fun.

Questions for Reflection

So what are you willing to destroy and let go of to make room for the new? The list may include:

  • the Finnish book you haven’t read that needs to be returned to the library
  • the Finnish class you dread but force yourself to keep attending
  • the app that’s not really working – or you’re not sure is working,
  • self-limiting beliefs, (ie. I’m not good at this, and other thoughts holding you back)
  • constant criticism for your progress or lack thereof,
  • etc.

As you move away from the above and free up your energy, what will you move towards? With the destruction above, what can grow in its place?

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