Identity, finding home & learning Finnish on The Actual Fluency Podcast – Kris Broholm

AFP S3E20 – Irina Pravet: Identity, finding home and learning Finnish

Kris Broholm and I sat down to talk about identity, finding home and learning Finnish. We’d met at the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin back in 2014 but it was only this year that the idea of doing an episode of Actual Fluency came up. We carved out time in our schedules over Easter and had a great conversation!

Kris was living in Budapest at the time and learning Hungarian, and though we didn’t plan for it, we found a lot of common ground about the weather.

Kris runs the Actual Fluency Podcast and regularly interviews multilingual and multicultural people to further his own quest to speak 10 language, which you can read more about it here.

Kris has recorded over 100 episodes of The Actual Fluency podcast – a virtual playground for all you’ve ever wondered about languages. You can listen to all the episodes right here.

Actual Fluency: Show notes for this episode:

  • The importance of identity in language learning
  • The challenges of “finding home”
  • How the weather affects people
  • The difference in culture and people from different countries
  • Tips for learning Finnish
  • And much more!

Click here to listen to Kris and I discuss identity, finding home & learning Finnish.

It’s a fair point to ask why we recorded this interview in April and I haven’t shared it until now. To be honest, I think I shared it on social media and forgot to post it here. Sorry about the delay. Being more organized and on-the-ball, as they say, is something I’m working on. Hope it’s better late than never!

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