Novi Sad: a pleasant shock of inspiration

Wow… can I just say, wow!

This past weekend I attended the second ever Polyglot Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia and it left me speechless.


The first time I met this wonderful community in Berlin this summer, I had lots of very positive things to say. I wrote about it in this post and although I knew it would be great to see everyone again, I also knew it would be different. I kept a journal this time to get the most out of the presentations I saw, keep record of my impressions and people’s contact information. But really, words can’t seem to describe what I got out of this conference (ironic, I know…) but I’ll try nonetheless.

My biggest takeaway from this conference was the ELECTRIC, ENERGIZING feeling I got when I boarded the plane to leave Serbia. It was a combination of:

  • the warmth of the Serbian people,
  • their smiles when I stumbled my way through ‘hvala‘ (thank you in Serbian),
  • the passion and love those I met share for understanding, communication and the human connection
  • the immense inspiration and bursts of ideas that filled me mind just from being around such an amazing group of people
  • the messages I got from new and Berlin friends after the conference just thanking me for being me
  • this picture above of a multitude of lanterns bidding us farewell on our last night in Novi Sad

SO POLYGLOTS, if you’ve read this far, I want to ask you to share your biggest takeaways and memories from Novi Sad in the comments below. I think the more we collect, the bigger our frame will be – and they won’t get lost in the noise of social media.

Looking forward to reading them all!

Much love xo,

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