How to overcome fear of nudity in the sauna

Juhannus is coming up so I figured many of you may be headed to mökki about this time, and as always, nudity is part of the experience.

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Just a quiet, naked, weekend away!

As much as I would’ve liked to have been raised in a nudity-friendly culture, I wasn’t. And changing this mindset has not been easy (I even tell people how uncomfortable I feel sometimes haha). This little dilemma gets frustrating and old pretty fast. Why do I need to get naked to enjoy time with my friends!? Or why can’t I just get over it!?

Sometimes I cop out: “I know, it’s such a shame I have a shift at the gym today. I would’ve loved to have joined you guys in the sauna.”

But sometimes I face my fear and I go. Always high fiving myself after for having done so. I noticed the experiences where I’ve been able to relax more easily, have all had one thing in common: my perspective. Not like what I was thinking about  but quite literally: the way I saw things.

My vision was different because I didn’t wear my glasses or contacts. And despite what you may be thinking, very concretely changing your vision – to the point where you only see a blurry line between where people start and the rest of the sauna (I’m not even that blind: -2.25) but it made me feel much more at ease.

Kind of like when kids put their hands over their eyes and think no one can see them? Well because I couldn’t see anyone else naked, I felt like they couldn’t see me either. Damn – what a relief!

So yeah, I have to strongly support a change of perspective as a radically underrated solution to doing anything, and I’ll leave it at that 🙂

How about you? Do you strip down or skip the sauna altogether? Have you felt more at ease as time goes on? I’d love to hear more opinions on this.


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P.S. I’m writing you from Berlin today, since I’m attending a polyglot (=multilingual) gathering. Super excited to fill you in on this passionate community and all the awesome things they’re doing. Stay tuned for an update on that next week!

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