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Hey there!

My name is Irina and I’m here to help you create the life you love abroad. A few things you might want to know about me…

Words I’m using to describe myself today:

FYI – I resist boxes

  • creative
  • speaker
  • people-watcher

Themes which resurface in my work + a few things I like:


  • languages
  • culture
  • transitions
  • doing things unconventionally, your way or going against the status quo
  • doing the ‘impossible’
  • mindfulness, meditation
  • movement: yoga, stretching, gymnastics
  • identity & self-discovery
  • creativity
  • Love & connection
  • travel
  • spirituality
  • joy
  • books… (I am a total book junkie!)

The severely abridged version of my life goes like this:


I was born in Romania, grew up in Canada (Montreal first, then Toronto, then back to Montreal for my Bachelor in something loosely related to German), did an exchange semester in Mannheim, Germany, where I met my Finn, and followed him to Tampere, after which he followed me to Helsinki, where we’re still living today.

Needless to say, I tend to panic when people ask me where I’m from and expect a one-word answer (home has always been, until recently, a fleeting concept), or what my native language is (I speak 6 to various levels of fluency, at least 2 of which are native-like: English & Romanian. The other 4: French, Finnish, German, Spanish.)

Ready to get started?


You can access your own free copy of Why it still feels like something is missing abroad.

MINI-COURSE cover photoThis is the mini-course I wish I’d had when I first moved to Finland. It’ll help you gain clarity on the bigger picture of what’s going on. 

xx Irina


Feel like something is missing abroad? Take the free mini-course and find out why!