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My name is Irina and I’m the one running the show here at irinapravet.com: a one-woman language and culture coaching business to help you create the life you love abroad. I’m guessing you ended up on this page because you want to know a bit about me, so here are a few random pieces of information strung together to give you an idea:

3 ways I’d describe myself are: energetic (there’s lots of that),  inquisitive (I’m curious!), genuine (I’m pretty much an open book, always have been).

The severely abridged version of my life goes like this… I was born in Romania, grew up in Canada (Montreal first, then Toronto, then back to Montreal for my Bachelor in something loosely related to German), did an exchange semester in Mannheim, Germany, where I met my Finn, and followed him to Tampere, after which he followed me to Helsinki, where we’re still living today.

Needless to say, I tend to panic when people ask me where I’m from and expect a one-word answer (home has always been, until recently, a fleeting concept), or what my native language is (I speak 6 to various levels of fluency, at least 2 of which are native-like: English & Romanian. The other 4 in order to proficiency: French, Finnish, German, Spanish.)

Having lived in Finland since 2010, my experiences have taught me that under the right conditions, you can make any place, no matter how foreign initially, your home: whether for you this means learning the language, finding familiarity and comfort in your environment, or connecting with yourself and those around you on a deeper level. I’m on a mission to help all those who wish to make an adoptive place their home and thrive in it!

Want to find out more about the methodology I use to create the life I love abroad – and how you can too? You can get your free training by clicking here!


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