Simple Finnish Sentences: a Short Course for Beginners

Wish you could…

speak and write Finnish in simple sentences, even if you’re just starting out or starting again?

see quick, meaningful progress by focusing on what’s most important first?

find a fun and engaging course that sets you up to continue learning, even after the course ends?

Introducing: Simple Finnish Sentences! A short, online beginners course that’ll help you get started with what’s important so you can get into the flow of learning Finnish.

Many of us join beginners’ courses only to be overwhelmed by the amount of grammar taught and uncertain about how to use what we’ve learned. What if there were a simpler, more enjoyable way of learning? There is!

This course is designed to focus on the most important pieces, while also helping you use what you learn in your daily life right away. We’ll combine thought-provoking grammar lessons with practical language coaching to help you create fun ways of learning outside the class as well. Start small but practical and watch the impact this has on joy, ease and progress.

Course prerequisites: the ability to read the Finnish alphabet and pronounce the sounds of the Finnish language. If you struggle with sounds like ä, ö, y and/or double letters (like aa, ee, ii, oo, uu, ää, öö, yy, kk, ll, mm, nn, pp, rr, ss, tt) check out The Finnish Soundscape before taking this course.

Format: This is a virtual month-long course with live calls + online materials.

If you miss a class, the recording will be emailed to you after and you can also send me any questions you may have in advance.

This is for you if...

This is for you if… 

  • You’re either new to the Finnish language OR have started & stopped learning (once or repeatedly) because learning wasn’t flowing.
  • You want to focus on simple sentences before moving on to the next thing. You understand this may take a bit of patience at first but you recognize that starting small will help you see quick, sustainable progress.
  • You’re already familiar and comfortable with Finnish pronunciation and/or have already done the Finnish Soundscape course.

In this online course, you'll...

In this online course, you’ll…

  • learn basic constructions of simple Finnish sentences – and how to actually use them in your daily life
  • focus on actually remembering & using the grammar you learn
  • create a routine for learning that will help you continue learning after the course ends
  • be guided by someone who learned Finnish in her 20s, and remembers what it’s like to be a non-Finnish native learning this for the first time

In this online course, you won't learn...

In this online course, you won’t learn…

  • Pronunciation & reading. If you’re still working on the basic sounds, please start with the Finnish Soundscape pronunciation course first! (This is the ultimate foundational step. Choosing the land you’ll build your foundation on ;))
  • Every single detail about sentences. We’ll leave some gaps, keep things simple and focus our attention on what’s most important. The objective is to give you the ingredients necessary to help you get into a more consistent, learning flow (that for many equals deeper learning in the long-run) Think: simplify to amplify.

What people have said about this course…

This class is so great for learners who might be afraid to even try a language like Finnish. Irina helps everyone feel comfortable and offer encouragement to get out there and embrace the challenge!

– Candi


I just wanted to thank you for the truly refreshing and sense-making approach. And for your wonderful positive energy!
– L.

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