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Here you’ll find different types of materials (courses and mini-courses, meditations, etc. ) all geared to help you create a life you love abroad.

You’ll notice that the offering is divided into categories, related to Language Learning, Self-Discovery and Understanding the Transition abroad, all tailoured for those of us who live abroad!

xx Irina

Hi, I'm Irina Pravet!

Language Learning

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Language Coaching for your level

Do you live abroad? Feel held back by your current language skills?

What if I told you there was an easier way to move forward, that would be fun, play on your strengths and allow you to see language learning through new eyes? It’s called language coaching.

>>Click here to learn more about language coaching<<

 These programs are specifically designed for those who are learning the language in the country where it is spoken.


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Home: a meditation

Did you know home is a feeling, rather than a place? Better yet, this feeling is available to you anytime. This meditation will guide you back to this inner experience of feeling at home.

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A Course for Inner Strength

A 16 day experience to help you set a strong foundation for your dreams and life. You’ll learn to recognize what is standing in the way of you going after the life you love abroad, at home or where ever you find yourself!

This course has been designed with a specific person in mind: the * kind * creative * intuitive * sensitive type. Recognize yourself in these words?

Read the rest of the course description here.

Understanding The Transition Abroad

Understanding the Transition

Understanding the Transition Abroad – Program

Moved abroad (recently or long ago) and feel it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made? Yet still struggle to navigate the ups and downs of the transition?

“If only someone who’d been there (and is obsessed with deconstructing processes) could help me see this transition with more clarity, so I can make the impact I’m here to make.”

Yup, you’re in the right place. Find out more.

Custom work


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

I work with individuals 1-on-1 or groups around aspects of living abroad:

  • Cultural transition abroad, especially around ‘feeling at home abroad’
  • Language learning (Finnish-specific or other)
  • Other themes and pain-points part of living abroad (ie. self-discovery, etc.)

To explore the possibilities of working with me 1-on-1 or creating something unique for your group, please click here to send me an email and I’ll reply back with next steps!

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