The Finnish Soundscape: Online Pronunciation Course

Wish someone would…

Talk you through the basics of Finnish pronunciation?
Explain the difference between Ä, Ö and Y…?
Walk you through how to actually create these sounds with your own mouth?

Check out: the Finnish Soundscape! An online pronunciation course that’ll take you through the Finnish sounds so you can practice, speak and read Finnish.

Many of us are not taught to focus on the sounds that make up Finnish from the start, even though we need these sounds for every.single.word.we.speak – ever!

Pronunciation impacts how and whether we are understood and our willingness and comfort in speaking. An introduction to the Finnish Soundscape isn’t just useful, but essential if pronouncing and reading Finnish is a challenge for you.

What people have said about this course…

I’d studied Finnish for about 3 years and understood the written okayish, but was afraid to talk and have troubles with double consonants and “ä”. [The most valuable part was learning something] that none of my 6 Finnish teachers has told me before! The course was easy, eye opening and takes the fear from Finnish away 🙂
– Em.

[My favourite part] was having the opportunity to practice a lot (not only listening). I learned to pronounce letters in Finnish that I didn’t even know I was pronouncing in a wrong way 😉
– C.



I have yet to take an official course, but I have been living in Finland for a long time. I was struggling with pronouncing Finnish vowels, especially u, y, ö. [After the course, the results I noticed were] much more confidence 🙂 The most valuable part was doing the course at my own pace and that the lessons were not overwhelming.
– Tricia

This is for you if...

This is for you if… 

  • You’re either new to the sounds of the Finnish language OR struggle to pronounce specific sounds or letters in Finnish
  • You want to develop an understanding of how to pronounce sounds which are very strange or unfamiliar at first – not just someone repeating them at you
  • you want to learn to pronounce any word you hear or read in Finnish

In this online course, you'll learn to...

In this online course, you’ll learn to…

  • learn to pronounce the sounds that make up the Finnish language, including double letters
  • become familiar with the process of pronunciation (how does it work?), so you can start practicing right away and fine-tune as you go
  • Learn to pronounce any word, even if you’ve only ever seen it written


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