Live abroad? Feel held back by your current language skills?

What if I told you there was an easier way to move forward? One that’s fun, plays on your strengths and allows you to see language learning through new eyes?

It’s called language coaching…

What is Language Coaching?

Language coaching is a strategic approach to learning a language, that’s all about empowering self-starters with a deep understanding of what it means to learn language – whether you’re learning Finnish or another language*, and regardless of your current speaking ability.

*This program was designed based on Finnish learning, yet doesn’t include any Finnish lessons. The modules are about general language learning and suitable for languages other than Finnish. If you’re considering language coaching for your language and have questions, please contact me!

Language coaching is unique in that:

  • The focus is on how you learn, instead of specific language lessons, and therefore isn’t tied to a single language.
  • The priority is speaking and using the language in daily life, instead of learning for the sake of learning (so traditional categories like beginner, intermediate and advanced don’t apply.)

Not sure how to improve your language skills going forward?

Uncertainty, insecurity and stalling are symptom of being disconnected from the 3 Truths of language learning. When you know these Truths and reconnect with them, the process of learning a language is an unfolding adventure, with your next step clear to you.

To learn the 3 Truths, and clear up confusion, you can request the free training: The 3 Truths that’ll transform how you learn language – at all levels – and your beliefs about what’s possible

In addition to understanding whether language coaching may be for you, you’ll learn:

  • Why you’ve felt negative emotions (whether discouraged, demotivated, dis-empowered, insecure, ashamed, guilty, anxious, etc.) when trying to improve your language skills
  • 3 truths about language learning that most people never talk about
  • How these 3 truths impact you – in all languages and at all levels of ability

Whether you’re a beginner using basic phrases, an intermediate using the language in social situations, or an advanced speaker using the language at work, there’s value in this video for all levels.


You'll learn...

  • ​Why you've felt negative emotions (ie. discouraged, anxious, insecure) when trying to improve your language skills
  • The 3 Truths about language learning that most people never talk about
  • How the Truths impact you - in all languages & at all levels of ability
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