What is language coaching?


Language coaching is a strategic approach to learning a language.

Since you are unique, the best methods for you will be different than for someone else. But the underlying process for learning a language is the same. Language coaching will teach you about the process, so you can make the journey your own!

By working from the strategic angle, we’re able to turn frustration or confusion into an actionable step forward, that suits your individual needs and preferences.

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3 profiles to help you on your journey


Please note, these programs are specially designed for those who live in the country where the language is spoken!


For those taking Finnish classroom knowledge out into the world, sometimes for the first time!

Format: group


For those being pulled beyond the plateau of Finnish in a limited setting to integrating it into the rest of your life (work, friends, etc.)

Format: group


For those who have reached solid level of Finnish but realize the language is holding you back from making the impact you’re here to make.

Format: 1-on-1

What makes the Language Coaching Program unique?

  • The focus is on how you learn, instead of specific language lessons and on empowering you to be the expert in your own learning process.
  • We prioritize learning a language to use it in your life quickly (vs. learning for the sake of learning)
  • Get access to online modules + live Q&A calls so you can work at your own pace but you get added support as we connect in real time too
  • Devote 1 month of strategic focus on your language learning process to save you time, energy and so much frustration in the long run!
  • Choose from 3 levels, depending on which phase of your language learning journey you find yourself in: Ground, Integrate & Expand.

Not sure which level is yours? Take the quiz to find out.

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Learning a language other than Finnish? Send me an open application!