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Living abroad? Struggling to learn the language?

Are you also…

  • Taking/have taken language courses and struggle to use what you learn
  • Struggling to remember new words, even basic vocab when you need it
  • Grappling with the basic grammar
  • Self-motivated, open to self-reflection, and a new way of seeing and doing things
  • Looking for the light at what seems to be a never-ending dark tunnel?

I got you covered with Language Coaching and it sounds like you’re at the Ground Phase of learning. Read on!


Language Coaching @ the Ground phase

What’s the ground phase?

The ground phase is the beginning of your language learning journey (regardless of how long you’ve been at it). You’re in the process of orienting yourself in the language, its basics and turning that knowledge into the skill of speaking. You’re also in the process of fine-tuning the building blocks that will form the entire basis of the language: new sounds, words and grammar.

To ground (verb):

– to lay or set on the ground.
– to place on a foundation; fix firmly; settle or establish; found.
– to instruct in elements or first principles

What do we focus on at the Ground Phase?

  • Deepening your understanding of the language learning process, from where you are to where you want to go!
  • Discovering all about the two most pressing, most repeated processes at the ground phase: learning words and grammar
  • Designing your own, most joyful learning process to internalize new words & grammar
  • Building confidence in yourself & your abilities, as the expert in your learning journey
  • Finding ways to have fun & relax while learning (this is when the brain learns best!)
  • Supporting you through the Q&A calls, as you apply these learnings to your daily life, including troubleshooting and speed-bumps you hit along the way
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What’s included in the Ground Phase Program?

Access to Ground program videos + updates made to the program content ongoingly.

Live, virtual Q&A calls (4/month) to get guidance on applying the content in your daily life.

Choose between 1, 2 or 3 months of Q&A calls, spread out over 3, 5 or 7 months respectively.

Flexible scheduling for your Q&A calls, and time to go through the virtual content at your own pace.

Choose to do the calls as part of a group or in a 1-on-1 setting.

Options for continued support beyond the initial program

What Do the Videos Cover?

1) The Foundational language learning modules help you deepen your understanding of the entire process of learning language, no matter what level you’re currently at.

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Video 1: ‘Introducing the language learning process’ covers…

  • 3 rules of language learning that (ironically) set you up for freedom and progress over frustration
  • The 5 dimensions of language learning – and why they’re distinct from one another
  • An overarching narrative for how language is learned, in steps from start to ‘finish’
  • & more
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Video 2: ‘Introducing your brain & the 3 pillars of language learning’ covers…

  • What learning a language is similar to & what it’s very different from
  • The 3 pillars of language learning that hold the key to your progress, no matter what level you’re currently at right now.
  • How your brain learns
  • & more!

2) The Ground modules help you develop an understanding of the foundational processes of language learning, to design, test and develop your own unique methods.

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Video 3: ‘Breaking down the process of learning new words’ covers…

  • The prerequisite you cannot skip if you want to remember new vocabulary – and actually use it
  • The essentials to consider when building your own memory process – one that you’ll repeat hundreds of times
  • What gets easier over time & how the process changes as you learn
  • & much more
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Video 4: ‘Breaking down the process of learning new grammar’ covers…

  • A new perspective to help heal the love-hate relationship with grammar once and for all
  • The 3 distinct types of knowledge that are often all labeled ‘grammar’ – and why this distinction is important for you
  • Things to consider when choosing which grammar to focus on, and which to ignore (yes, this is up to you!)
  • & more

Packages & Pricing

Ground content + 4 Q&A calls

  • Ground program content
  • Q&A calls in group setting
  • 4 Q&A calls weekly for 1 month
  • You have 3 months from when you register to do your Q&A calls

250€ + VAT in EU (ie. 24% FIN)

Total investment: 310€/person (inc. 24% VAT)

Ground content + 8 Q&A calls

  • Ground program content
  • Q&A calls in group setting
  • 8 Q&A calls weekly, 2 months
  • You have 5 months from when you register to do your Q&A calls

378€ + VAT in EU (ie. 24% FIN)

Total investment: 469€/person (inc. 24% VAT)

Ground content + 12 Q&A calls

  • Ground program content
  • Q&A calls in group setting
  • 12 Q&A calls weekly, 3 months
  • You have 7 months from when you register to do your Q&A calls

522€ + VAT in EU (ie. 24% FIN)

Total investment: 648€/person (inc. 24% VAT)

For any questions about the program:

Please contact me!

What people are saying so far…

About the Language Coaching Program…

“[Irina] gets it. [She’s] been in our position and know what it feels like to make progress or not make progress. My own enthusiasm returned for learning the language and made it fun for me again!”

About working with Irina…

“I have to give you a lot of credit for giving me the tools to knock down the barriers to speaking Finnish. I feel much more comfortable to speak […] and I owe that to you. So thank you.”

Who am I?

Hey there!

My name is Irina and I’ll be your guide and language coach. So what do I know about learning languages in immersion?

I was born in Romania, raised in Canada and moved to Finland in 2010. I’ve always wanted to understand what people were saying and communicate with them from a very young age. Though we spoke Romanian at home, I learned French in kindergarten, English from TV and later studied Spanish in high school and German in university. English is now what I consider my native language.

When I decided to move to Finland in 2010, I was excited to learn Finnish, but after the first few years, I felt frustrated that my usual methods weren’t paying off as expected. Plus, I was supposed to be ‘good at this’ and yet, I felt anything but confident. I eventually realized Finnish needed a whole new mindset…

I see that Finnish required me to be more strategic and systematic with my energy and focus, compared to other languages I’d learned. It wasn’t that the language was special, but that for the first time in my experience, I actually needed to think about the language learning process and align my efforts with it, because it didn’t unfold naturally.

Once I did this, everything changed. I went from speaking to all my friends in English and only using limited Finnish to speaking mostly in Finnish. I went on to get a job in a brand new field entirely in Finnish, something I wouldn’t have imagined possible, and excel in my role there.

Although the Language Coaching program was initially designed for Finnish, it works for other languages too, because it helps you see the process as it’s meant to unfold, when it’s not unfolding.

I genuinely believe that anyone can learn a language and see big progress if they set their mind to it, and that the benefits bring so much joy, confidence and richness to life. I wish the same for you, and if you’d allow me to, I’d love to be your guide!




Need help figuring out if this is the right program for you? I’d be happy to help; please contact me by clicking here!

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