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Home: a meditation

What if home were a feeling, rather than a place? Better yet, this feeling is available to you anytime. This meditation will guide you back to this inner experience of feeling at home.

Perfect for the days you find yourself missing home, craving peace or solace or wanting to bring out the wisdom of your higher Self. This gentle 10 minute meditation will bring you home to yourself. Downloadable MP3 format.

The Finnish Soundscape: a 7-day pronunciation course

Wish someone would…

Talk you through the basics of Finnish pronunciation?
Explain the difference between Ä, Ö and Y…?
Walk you through how to actually create these sounds with your own mouth?

The Finnish Soundscape is an online pronunciation course that’ll take you through the Finnish sounds so you can practice, speak and read Finnish.

Remembering Finnish Words: a vocab memory course

Wish you could…

reliably remember Finnish words you chose to learn – even the long ones?

Use the words you know, and learn key words to express yourself more fully?

Design an enjoyable vocab learning routine that caters to your natural preferences?

Introducing: Remembering Finnish Words! A month-long, online course that’ll help you develop skills and processes to remember (long & short) Finnish words so you can build on a solid foundation.

Simple Finnish Sentences: a short beginners’ course

Wish you could…

speak and write Finnish in simple sentences, even if you’re just starting out or starting again?
see quick, meaningful progress by focusing on what’s most important first?
find a fun and engaging course that sets you up to continue learning, even after the course ends?

Introducing: Simple Finnish Sentences! A short, online beginners course that’ll help you get started with what’s important so you can get into the flow of learning Finnish.

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For those further along on the Finnish journey, check out the Finnish Through New Eyes program (runs twice a year).

I also offer individual coaching for language & cultural transitions which you can find out more about here.

Or you can contact me here!

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