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Who I speak to: I enjoy speaking to groups who are non-conventional, even challenging the status quo, in some way or perhaps they represent a minority. Maybe they’re doing something that feels impossible at times, but they know in their hearts that they’re on the right path or they have a valuable perspective that needs to be heard.

Why I speak: I speak to inspire and uplift. Exploring new paths and discovering new ways of being and doing things is a lifelong journey, and a vital one at that! I believe those who are pushing boundaries have so much to gain by working together – that’s really why we’re here, isn’t it? I enjoy nothing more than connecting with an audience and taking them on an eye-opening journey.

What my speaking slots are like: depending on the group and facilities, I like to to add an interactive component to my talks whenever possible. I want to challenge my audience to be active participants, not just audience members. I tell stories, I empower with tools and connect to the bigger picture.

Where I speak: all over the world! While I live in Helsinki, Finland, I’ve traveled for most of my life and enjoy traveling and coming into contact with different cultures (enjoy is an understatement). I’ve traveled to Berlin to speak and it’s long been a dream of mine to travel and speak to crowds all over the world. (I also travel to Romania & Toronto, Canada regularly.)

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Potential speaking topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • The Art of Doing the Impossible
  • Beyond language: your journey abroad
  • Can you learn the hardest language in the world?
  • The power of compassion & intuition in language learning

I also enjoy speak on topics related to identity, transition, plurality of all sorts (cultural, linguistic…), discovery abroad and self-discovery. Usually these themes are quite universal and a common ground with ie. a company’s mission is easy to find. Contact me with your event details and let’s see if we’d be a good fit!

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1. Name and website of your event/organization/group. If your event doesn’t have a website, tell me instead about the event and its aims, as well as its context within your group or organization.

2. Date and location of your event, approximate time, if known. FYI – I live in Helsinki, Finland and am open to traveling to events around the world!

3. Desired presentation topic and format, as well as any specifics you had in mind

4. Number of attendees

5. Your email and phone number


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“Where did you find her?” “She was really great” is some of the feedback that I’ve received so far!

I saw Irina’s inspiring talk on TEDX a while ago, so she was the first person on my mind when I was looking to book an inspirational speaker. She really took the time to ask and find out the main message we wanted to communicate, which she then used to put together her talk, and the result was spot on!

I recommend Irina for future events; she is awesome! She really cares about catering to your company’s specific needs. It was great and exactly what we were hoping for 🙂

Valérie Pedersen, Product Manager at Sqore


Hear me speak at Tedx, on the topic of language learning and perceptions below:

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