1-on-1 Coaching for

Cultural & Linguistic Transitions

I offer 1-on-1 coaching for more inner peace and harmony in the midsts of life’s linguistic and cultural transitions.

Through the form of multilingual experiences that support your learning and needs right now.

I believe you can learn language joyfully, to any level and at any age – and make any place your home.

All because adaptation is your birthright! You do not have to settle for “this is just the way it is.”

If you’re open to seeing things through new eyes, the possibilities for your life are endless.

I’m here to support you along the way.

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Linguistic and cultural transitions are changes we make in our lives (internal, external) to feel more at ease and in alignment with a new city, country, language, group of people. It may be an initial move, but it can also be deciding to make a change after a long time in an adopted place.

  • Linguistic transitions involve adapting to a linguistic environment aka. learning a language in its native environment.
  • Cultural transitions involve adapting to a physical and social environment aka. a culture or place, whether new or familiar, that we’d like to adapt to even more.

How does coaching work?

Choose a path

Where do you feel the pull to focus: Is it related to where you are or the local language?


Define your intention.

What are you dreaming of? What would you like more clarity on? What’s the question you’re grappling with? Your intention is our north star.

If your intention is general, our work will first focus on narrowing down and getting more clarity on your intention and the opportunity it holds. If you already know what you’d like to focus on, we’ll start there. Here are a few examples to get the ideas going.

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Related to language learning, how can I:

…clear the slate and start learning Finnish again after a long break or years of yo-yoing motivation?

…get into a routine and develop strategies for learning Finnish in my daily life?

…have more fun and/or learn Finnish more efficiently?

…map out my greatest opportunities for big improvements with the least amount of effort?

…reduce stress and feel more ease in situations where I need to use Finnish at work?

…improve my pronunciation/ learn and remember words/ ability to learn grammar, etc.?

…develop my speaking OR understanding OR reading OR writing skills for specific situations?

…use and maintain multiple languages in my life abroad?

…learn specific grammar I’ve been struggling with? (You choose which)

I can also help with strategies for mixed language environments, like in multilingual families

Related to living abroad, how can I:

…feel more at home in my life abroad?

…meet more like-minded people where I am?

…be more myself in my life abroad?

…what’s standing between me and actually wanting to learn the local language?

…or issues related to changing cultural identity and belonging.

Or something else! Your intention paves the way for the specific topics we cover together.

Get in touch

Email me for more details on packages, pricing and to explore the possibility of working together. The first item on the agenda is to see if we’d be a good fit for working together. I will let you know whether I’m able to help you move forward with your intention.

I offer packages based on the scope and depth of your intention, the number of sessions, the format (intensive vs. spaced) and your timeline.

**I’m easy to talk to and here to answer your questions so you’re able to make the best decision for you: whether that means working together or not.**

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer cultural transitions coaching for Finland?

No, I don’t only work with people in Finland.

Although I have first-hand experience living in Romania, Canada (Quebec & Ontario), Germany and Finland, I’ve also worked with people who live in other countries.

My area of expertise is in the universal aspects of transitions between places and the types of challenges these bring up to us as individuals. I’m familiar with Nordic, European and North American cultures to various extents but am also curious about working with people around the globe and deepening my own experience and understanding.

Luckily, working virtually makes that possible!

Do you only offer language coaching for Finnish?

No, I work with other languages as well.

I have person experience learning Spanish, German and Finnish, in addition to having grown up speaking Romanian, French and English.

My area of expertise is in cognition and how the brain learns language: efficiently, enjoyably and quickly. I can help you build processes and overcome obstacles to learning that have been holding you back – and I’m especially excited to do this if you’re living in an environment where the language is spoken.

**I don’t necessarily need to speak the language you’re learning to help you build more cognitively-efficient processes in your life. I’m interested in working with different types of languages (and the challenges they present), so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your exact intention and we can take it from there.**

I’m living abroad for a limited period of time and want to learn the language during that time. Is this something you can help me with?

Yes! Please contact me and let’s explore our options 🙂

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