Spoken Finnish pronouns

Some words are more important than others: Finnish¬†pronouns are very important.¬†Since pronouns are used in virtually every sentence, the way you use them is going to immediately signal how well you speak to your listener. But don’t worry, it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it!

Do you use Finnish pronouns by the book, in spoken form, or do you drop them entirely? In this video, I explain the difference between the 3 levels of spoken Finnish pronouns and ask you to reflect on your own level. Can you push your comfort zone here?

I decided to make this video after a co-worker of mine giggled at how I was using pronouns (I explain this in the video). I realized that even these small lessons can be deepened as we go, and it really doesn’t take much effort. Over time, as we speak more, participate in life and as we build relationships with native speakers, these things come up. And every time they do, we have an opportunity to open up and deepen our understanding, even if it feels like “I know that already.” Sometimes it’s easier to do, while other times, there’s too much going on. Choose your moments wisely, but remember, the opportunity is always there.

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After recording this video, I realized I’d already made a very similar video and seemed to be suffering from mild amnesia. Not actually but I don’t really know how I didn’t put these two together. In any case, you can see the other video here.

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