Why I’m not learning any new languages right now

I’ve always considered myself an ‘accidental polyglot’ and attribute most of my linguistic diversity from being in the right place at the right time. But once I started mingling with the polyglot community (a group of people who are avid language learners), I realized that some people learn languages all the time… sometimes as many as 10 all at once! I’m often asked which languages I’m working on right now, and truth be told: I’m not learning any new languages right now…

Actually, the most languages I’ve ever studied at once was 2 (Spanish and German) back in high school, and even this was a big challenge for me at the time.

In this vlog post, I discuss why I’m not learning any new languages right now and what I’m excited about instead. I also touch on a few of the following topics:

  • Learning for fun from home vs learning abroad for ‘need’ vs learning for a real need
  • studying vs. learning
  • The pull of curiosity vs. the push of obligation
  • timing of language learning (also vs studying)
  • Looking at language learning in the context of your life

Did something specific in this video catch your attention? Want to know more about it? Wondering how it applies to you? Leave me a comment and I might address it in a future video!

xx Irina

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