Let things be easy.

Simple is beautiful.

Simple is beautiful.


This morning, I woke up with a plan: I was going to get up, get dressed and head out for a walk first thing. It was snowing – the kind of snow that tends to get us a little wet and only sprinkle the ground with white. The air was so fresh though, it felt like coming alive first thing in the morning.

I came home, made my favourite breakfast (a practice I’ve sped up over the last couple weeks), then did a bit of yoga – some very basic poses I learned in Ashtanga a few years ago. This all took me less than an hour.

Then I packed my stuff and headed out for the nearby café, all very much earlier than usual.


It’s now 10am and I’ve done the ‘must do’ work for the day.

I am slightly in awe with how this worked. Most days I would’ve taken at least an extra couple of hours.


Instead of forcing myself to do things in a certain way, I did exactly what I wanted to do, even if I thought it might take longer. But most of all, I suspended any thoughts or beliefs that told me this was going to be hard. I let it be easy.

Of course this required a tiny bit of planning: I know I like fresh air in the morning, I know yoga helps me focus, I know checking FB or email first thing in the morning derails me for hours. So I did what I wanted, what felt good and I left the rest.

I think this applies to so many things we do in life. We have hunches about what would be best for us but we’ll give into habits, or find ourselves lost in thought as we autopilot through the things we’ve been doing for so long. (I am no exception btw, I write this as much for myself as I write it for you.)

But today was different. Today I did what I wanted and I interrupted the ‘this is so hard’ cycle.

I let things flow, I let them be easy. And they were.


Taking care of ourselves puts us at rest, reduces stress and makes things feel easy – bringing about laser sharp focus.


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Which feel-good routines do you wish you had more time for but feel they won’t fit in your day? Leave a comment and make a commitment to let things be easy, and testing these feel-good changes in your life this week.



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