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We all know the hero story: a problem, a struggle, and either a tragedy or a success in the end. This is the story on which we base many of our important life moments, whether we realize it or not.

The hero defeats or is defeated… but what about the struggle? How many of us are so deterred by struggling that we don’t end up trying at all?

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Now reason with me a little… was everything meant to be easy? Are we just supposed to be smooth sailing through our lives? Or is this just a result of the comfort we’ve come to expect from modernity. I don’t know, I’m just thinking ‘aloud.’ In any case, I still believe in a challenge and I marvel at one. If we’re not meant to be challenged, how can we learn? How can we grow? How can we become aware of what we’re really capable of?

At the same time, why do things need to be hard? I think the idea of the struggle gets built up in our minds… it grows and leads us to panic. We start to doubt ourselves and our abilities. We start to be afraid of failure, and be extension, of growth. And we don’t take the steps we need to be taking. Sometimes, we just need to let things be easy, just let them flow without making them out to be more than they are.

I’m about to launch a new website in the coming days and as the project will soon be unveiled, I find myself thinking about these things: struggle, failure, pursuit. I don’t know if it’ll be a success but I know it can’t be a failure (I’ve learned so much). Honestly though, I still worry (despite my best intentions) about change and working up the nerve to do things I believe are worthwhile. However, one nice thing about the internet is your ability to work up the nerve to do something, and push it out with the press of a button. So that’s exactly what I intend to do: press the button and see what happens.

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Hi! I’m Irina.

I’m a multibelonger to Finland, Canada and Romania, without ONE language or culture to call my own – I have several. My intention is to be present where I am and find inner peace and harmony where ever life takes me. I’m embracing the gems of the ongoing cultural and linguistic transition which is my life and hope to inspire others interested in doing the same. Click here to find out more!