What it takes may surprise you

The stage is set, the lights are dim. A man you’ve never seen before walks out on stage, takes his position and waits for his cue.

What he does next is going to make a world of difference in how you see him, but what does he need to ‘nail it’?

Should he impress you with his mad, flawless, god-like skills? Or just he just need to be himself, give it his all and be indifferent to the outcome?

I’m going to argue for the latter, because then you know it’s real; it’s not a fluke and he’s visibly human. This idea is embodied poignantly in Napoleon Dynamite’s memorable dance scene.

(Psst, the video is only 2:20, then it loops)

I have to admit, watching this awesome dance sequence makes me hope this is what I project when I speak Finnish: imperfection, vulnerability, and ample amounts of eccentricity. At least, one can hope!

I want to know: when does your inner Napoleon Dynamite get unleashed? Let me know in the comments below!



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