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Here you’ll find different types of materials (courses and mini-courses, meditations, etc. ) all geared to help you create a life you love abroad.

You’ll notice that the offering is divided by the categories covered in ‘Why it still feels like something is missing abroad’ mini-course. If you haven’t seen that one yet, I suggest you start with this free course!

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Understanding the Transition

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An excellent and concise introduction to help you make order out of (what sometimes feels like) chaos of living abroad!

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25 min. video format

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Local Discovery

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Learning Finnish is a huuuuge part of living in Finland!

I offer group and 1-on-1 language coaching, depending on your level. Language coaching isn’t a traditional approach; it’s all about empowering you to play on your strengths, have fun and make the process your own.

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Did you know home is a feeling, rather than a place? Better yet, this feeling is available to you anytime. This meditation will guide you back to this inner experience of feeling at home.

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A Course for Inner Strength is a 16 day experience to help you set a strong foundation for your dreams and life. You’ll learn to recognize what is standing in the way of you going after the life you love abroad, at home or where ever you find yourself!

This course has been designed with a specific person in mind: the * kind * creative * intuitive * sensitive type. Do you see yourself among these words?

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Feel like something is missing abroad? Take the free mini-course and find out why!