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Introducing the Ground level

To groundverb (used with object)
– to lay or set on the ground.
– to place on a foundation; fix firmly; settle or establish; found.
– to instruct in elements or first principles
Source: dictionary.com

In this context, the ground level is a group of learners coming together (that’s you!) with a language coach (that’s me!) in a group setting: to ask questions and learn from each other’s experiences as they take Finnish knowledge out of the classroom and begin using it in the real world.


Could ‘grounding’ help me?

The Grounding Level is specifically designed for you if you’re…

  • Taking Finnish classes (or they recently ended) and are struggling to use what you learn
  • Becoming overwhelmed with amount of material, especially grammar
  • Struggling to remember things, like new words
  • Wondering who you can practice with since used to speaking English with friends already
  • Using some Finnish words here and there but wanting to break through to conversations and longer exchanges
  • Switching over to English because there’s too much you don’t understand
  • Have a whole list of things you ‘should’ be doing and are still motivated but not seeing how this can go on forever. Somehow the process isn’t working smoothly. You’re not learning for the sake of learning, you want to actually use what you learn!
  • Looking for a solution to make the most out of the effort you’re already putting in ASAP. Not just on a logical level but you’re really feeling the pull towards prioritizing this over other things in your life right now.

Here’s what I want you to know

If the above sounds like you, here’s what I want you to know:

Learning a language is a process. And though we often head straight over to courses to learn a language, they are only one part of the process.

The very best part of learning a language, in my opinion, is getting to use it! Using the language is also the best way to put everything we’ve learned to use and make learning more even easier. Think about it, did you learn how to ride a bike or swim by studying it? No! You went out and fell over or got a bit of water up your nose, and then it got a lot easier. It can be scary at first, I know, but everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of that fear (says George Addair)! And if you’d like, other learners at the same level and I can be by your side along the way.

So let’s make the most of this process and throw some of those old stuffy rules out the window, shall we?


Here’s what I propose:

Over the course of a month, commit to learning about the process of learning Finnish, playing around with it, noticing where your comfort zone ends and what’s going well already – and then slowly expanding from there. Sign up for 1 month of group language coaching and here’s what you get:


  • The Ground modules in video format – This is a concise online course to give you a solid foundation on which to structure your learning. This isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart. Watch how your motivation and desire to learn is affected when you start to understand where you can save energy and make progress. (To be clear, these aren’t Finnish lessons. You’ll be learning about the language learning process at this level. More how than what.)
  • 4 live, virtual Q&A calls spread out over the course of a month. This is your chance to ask deeper questions about your experiences with the content in the real world. Everyone will have different methods and approaches, so I’m here to help you adapt the general stuff to suit you personally and work through any roadblocks that come up.
  • An intimate group of people working on the very same part of the process, coming along on the same journey as you. Just by knowing you’re not alone, and hearing what others are working through and celebrating successes together, you’re part of a group of learners who empower and inspire one another!

Schedule & Pricing

Registration for March 2018 is now open until Sunday, February 25th, 2018!

Our weekly Q&A calls take place on Tuesdays in March: March 6, 13, 20, 27, for 1 hour between 6-8:30pm. Exact time will be emailed after registration is closed.

The program includes:

  • 4 live, weekly group coaching calls in March 2018, with Irina and an intimate group on the same path
  • Access to the ‘Ground’ video content – 4 videos in total (designed to empower you with the basics of taking your classroom knowledge out into the world.)
  • Plus: ongoing access to video content – even if the program is updated, you’ll have ongoing access to the new stuff as well!
  • Members’ pricing if you decide you want to take part in additional months of Q&A calls

Price: 155€ (inc. 24% VAT)

Or book by Wednesday, February 21st and get the early bird offer:

Early bird price: 124€ (inc. 24% VAT)

Who am I?

Hey there!

My name is Irina and I’ll be your guide and Finnish language coach. So what do I know about language learning and Finnish in particular?

I was born in Romania, raised in Canada and moved to Finland in 2010. I’ve been obsessed with connecting with people since I can remember, so languages have always been my way to do that. I wanted to understand what people were saying and I wanted to communicate with them from a very young age. Though we spoke Romanian at home, I learned French in kindergarten, English from TV and later studied Spanish in high school and German in university. English is now what I consider my native language.

When I decided to move to Finland in 2010, I knew Finnish would be a challenge, but it was a challenge I welcomed. And that’s exactly what I got! After the first few years, I felt frustrated that my usual methods weren’t paying off in the way I’d expected. I was supposed to be ‘good at this’ and yet, I felt anything but confident. That was until I decided that Finnish needed a whole new mindset.

In hindsight, I see that Finnish required me to be more strategic and systematic with my energy and focus. It wasn’t that the language was special, but that for the first time in my experience, I actually needed to think about the language learning process and align my efforts with it, because it didn’t unfold naturally.

Once I did this, everything changed. I went from speaking to all my friends in English and only using limited Finnish to speaking mostly in Finnish. I went on to get a job in a brand new field entirely in Finnish, something I wouldn’t have imagined possible, and excel in my role there.

I genuinely believe that anyone can learn Finnish if they set their mind to it, and that the benefits bring so much joy, confidence and richness to life. I wish the same for you, and if you’d allow me to, I’d love to be your guide!




Offering –> Finnish Language Coaching –> Grounding level