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About an email course for inner strength

Creating a life you love abroad takes courage. What if instead of building up the courage from the outside (by doing more, being more and having more experience, intelligence, skills, etc.) we found that everything we needed was within us all along? This is a 16 day email course guiding you to uncover the strength that’s been in you all along.

During the course, we explore the following themes in a light (and sometimes silly way):

  • Creating space and reducing noise & clutter (for more peace & calm)
  • Connecting (how we can uplift and be uplifted)
  • Taking back your power (and how to stop giving it away)

As a true testament to developing inner strength, I used many of the tools I share with you here, when I decided to create this course in 24 hours. That means no video editing, max 2 takes and a lot of bad jokes (a couple good ones too!). I wear the same yellow sweater and sit on the floor for most of the time, because that was part of my vision for how this would all come together 😉

Ready to join me on the journey of uncovering the strength and courage within? I’m ready when you are!


What you’ll get

  • Daily emails for 16(ish) days
  • A video/day/16(ish) days
  • An exercise/day to play around with. Usually a journal prompt but sometimes I ask you to take it a little further and apply the revelations which came from your journaling!

Price: 16€ (plus VAT if you live in the EU)


Personalized, interactive courses for language learning, understanding the transition abroad and self discovery abroad also available. Please click here to apply for a conversation with me.

Feel like something is missing abroad? Take the free mini-course and find out why!