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Hi! Have we met?


My name is Irina Pravet.


That wasn’t meant to rhyme…


I’m here to help foreigners (like you and me) create lives they love abroad!

From learning the language to feeling at home, and everything in between.

Are you wondering how I can help you?


Well first, let’s see if you and I vibe. I recommend watching my Tedx talk, if you haven’t already. I’ve never spent so much time writing and practicing anything… ever. And in the process, I ended up infusing it with a lot of my personality, beliefs and some of my story.

Just press play on the video here and off you go –>

Already seen the TedX talk and want more?

Get instant access to this free mini-course, and find out what's really going on!

You can now get instant access to my free mini-course:

Why it still feels like ‘something is missing’ abroad?

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • why every time you feel like you’ve solved the nagging feeling of ‘something’ being off abroad, something else pops up,
  • a simple model to help you put your finger on what’s really going on (BEFORE feeling like you’re out of control),
  • what’s possible in your life abroad…like, really!

I believe that you moved abroad to expand, not to contract, and it’s my sincere hope that I can help you do just that.

xx, Irina

P.S. By signing up for the mini-course, you’ll automatically become a member of my inner circle! My inner circle members get emails about my new posts, videos, courses, and honest updates about my own journey abroad (which I don’t always post for the entire internet to see.) You’re welcome to be a part of the inner circle as long as it feels useful and beneficial to you!